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repair services

A Proven, Reliable, & Trusted Diving Company


Boot or Sock Replacement

Professional Quality repair service!

We provide the diving retailer, the sport scuba diver and the commercial diving industry with professional quality services to help maintain the performance and fit of all manufacturers "DRY SUIT" styles.

  • Latex Socks

  • Hard Soled Rubber: Not insulated

  • Hard Soled Rubber: Insulated

  • Neoprene Socks

  • Install customer supplied boots

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We Repair Diving Suits

Seal Replacement

We replace wrist seals, neck seals, and ankle seals.

  • Wrist Seals: Latex and Neoprene
    Latex Seals cover Standard, Heavy Duty Long, Heavy Duty Short. For installs only, seals are provided by the customer.
    Neoprene Seals: Cone Seals and Fold Under

  • Neck Seals: Latex and Neoprene.
    Install Only (seal provided by customer), Extra charge if attached hood must be removed and replaced

  • Ankle Seals: Latex and Neoprene

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Hood Repairs

Add info about repairing hoods

  • Latex Hood Attached

  • Neoprene Hood Attached

  • Replace Face Seal on Hood

  • Install Customer Supplied Hood

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Dry Suits and Wet Suits

No problem fixing zippers on dry suits and wet suits.

  • Dry Suits: Standard Zippers, Heavy Duty Zippers, Uni Suit - Exclusive, Relief Zipper, Rescue/Survival Suits

  • Web Suits: Jacket Zippers, Ankle Zippers, Writst Zippers, and New Velcro Flaps

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Valves - Dry Suits

We repair valves on dry suits.

  • New Inlet Valves Installed

  • New Exhaust Valves Installed

  • Move Valves & Patch Old Holes

  • Valve Testing & Cleaning: Exhaust Valves, Inlet Valves

  • P-Valves Installed if Customer Supplied

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Leak Repairs

Unlike other repair facilities, we do repairs on all suit material types, and all manufacturer styles.

  • Seams - All Suit Types. Charged per foot of seam.

  • Punctures: 1/4" and Small Charged Per Puncture. For Larger Holes, charged at Tear Price

  • Tears: Charged Per Foot of Seam

  • We Seal All Seams On Dry Suits

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