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Leak Testing

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Leak & Pressure Testing

We strongly recommend that all dry suits that come in for repairs be leak tested. Sometimes there are other problems that you may have missed. For your complete satisfaction it's best to handle them all at once. SO DON'T FORGET TO LIST TEST AND EVALUATE.Our method of testing enables us to see every inch of the suit. It allows us the opportunity to manipulate the suit while being tested. This is especially helpful when trying to track down those sneaky leaks.Suits are always tested twice. Once to locate the problems, then again after we make the repairs to insure that we have fixed the problem areas. Sometimes twice isn't enough. So we test..test..test.

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Leak Repair

Leaks can happen any where on suits. They don't just come from punctures or tears. Many times the seams themselves can begin to leak. We can handle them all. We aren't shy about telling you when the battle has been lost (the ole suit ain't what she used to be!).

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