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repair parts

A Proven, Reliable, & Trusted Diving Company


Latex Seals

We have latex repair seals.

  • HD Long Wrist

  • HD Short Wrist

  • Standard Wrist

  • Ankle

  • Neck

Neoprene Seals

We have neoprene repair seals.

  • Wrist Cone

  • Wrist Fold Under

  • Neck


We have components to repair hoods.

  • Latex

  • Neoprene


We have replacement valves.

  • Inlet Valve

  • Exhaust Valve

Water Proof Zippers

We have water proof zippers.

  • Standard Entry, YKK

  • Heavy Duty Entry, YKK

  • Relief (10 inches)

  • Long Standard Entry (40 inch to 57 inch)