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Alteration Repairs

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Dry Suit Alterations

Nothing is more miserable than shoving yourself into a suit that doesn't fit properly.  Whether it's to small or to big there is many things that we can do to make things work better for you. Because of the variety of suits out there and all the different fit problems it would be futile to try and make a list of what we do.  The best way to handle this type of repair is to call us and we can talk about your concerns.  Whether it's longer legs or shorter arms, or you know those gravity problems.

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Wet Suit Alterations

You name it, anything short of a new custom suit we can help you with.Frequently requested alterations:

  • Add 2" To Length, Arms or Legs

  • Shorten Arms or Legs 2"

  • Alter In or Out Jacket or Pants

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